Dr. Lewenberg’s Guarantee to You

Dr. Lewenberg provides a six-month conditional money-back guarantee

We require a set of pictures to allow us to objectively track your progress and properly tailor the treatment to your needs. With the pictures, we can evaluate your condition and determine where to apply the Formula to get the best possible results. Every case is unique and the pictures allow us to help you.

The set of photos should be of your entire head (front, top, crown, back/nape of neck, right and left sides). If there are spots, which are more pronounced, please take additional photos as needed. Each picture should be of good quality, be at least 1 MB in size, taken in good light and allow us to clearly see the extent of your hair loss. You should take the first set before or within the first week of treatment and send it to us. Then take a follow up set every three months. These photos should be under the same conditions and angles for objectivity.

Email or mail us the photo set. The photos need to be dated, either automatically by the camera or by the developing service. We require the first set of pictures to be sent before or within the first week of treatment, so we can start you off correctly.

You need to completely fill out our questionnaire fully and truthfully, as this is also necessary for us to tailor the treatment to your needs. You will need to use the Formula that is recommend for your needs and condition.

You need to stay in contact with us through out the treatment and contact us immediately if you have any questions, concerns or irritation. You need to follow our general instructions, as well as your tailored directions and modified application regimen, designed for your specific needs.

These steps ensure that you have the best possible results for you and your condition. We are here to help you through out the whole treatment.

You can CONTACT US toll free within the US at 1 (888) 424-7133, by telephone at 1 (212) 249-8800, or e-mail.

If you do not see regrowth after six months of proper use, and follow the above conditions, then you will receive your money back. This guarantee does not apply to auto-immune related hair loss, due to the nature of these conditions. Shipping is not refundable.

Return Policy

We refund any unused Formula, as long as the bottles are unopened and are returned within three months of their date of purchase. Simply return the unopened bottles with a letter of explanation and we will refund you for those bottles. Returns are your responsibility, so to ensure that we receive the package, choose a shipping method that is traceable and retain the tracking information for your records.

Due to the nature of the products, we cannot refund Dr. Lewenberg’s Daily Hair & Vitamin Pack, Dr. Lewenberg’s Face Rejuvenation Cream or Toppik. Shipping is not refundable. This return policy is separate from the conditional money-back guarantee.

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Guaranteed results when used as directed


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