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Make Your Hair Look Thicker Immediately, While You Restore Your Hair

Please note that Toppik will not regrow your hair; it will make it look thicker. If you want to regrow your hair and actually have thicker hair, you must use Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula in conjunction with it.

Dr. Lewenberg’s patients can now make their hair look thicker instantly by using Toppik, while working to regrow their new hair and improve existing hair. Toppik is a solution of keratin hair fibers designed to temporarily bond to your existing hair. This creates the appearance of thicker hair from the moment it is used. Moreover, because it is similar to natural hair fibers, Toppik does not reduce the absorption of Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas, when used properly.

Toppik comes in eight colors and it is important to select the color or
combination of colors which most closely approximates your own hair color.