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New Treatment for Thinning Hair

NEW YORK, NY – A New Treatment for Thinning Hair and hair loss that is far more effective than all other treatments currently available for women and men of all ages has been shown to generate the strongest result in women, according to a study published in Advances In Therapy, an international medical journal. The treatment, which was developed by a New York physician, was able to strengthen, thicken and regrow women’s thinning hair in nearly 100% of the patient’s tested, with “cosmetically significant” results typically being observed in less than six months. The article reports on results of a two-year tracking study of 2,210 patients with the most common hair loss problems (Androgenic Alopecia or Alopecia Areata) as they applied proprietary hair grown formula. The formula which was developed by Dr. Adam Lewenberg as a hair spray, is a precise combination of 2% minoxidil and 0.025% tretinoin, compounded with specific preservatives.

The results of the study indicated that “practically all women treated for diffuse, or even frank baldness showed substantial improvement… with doses smaller than those given to men and within a relatively shorter time, usually 5 to 6 months.” While the study found that after six months 92% of both men and women experienced new hair growth, success for the women participating in the study was close to 100%. Currently, no other treatment, whether it is medical or non-medical, can come close to the success established in this study for treating women’s thinning and hair loss problems.In addition, other medical treatments available on the market carry the risk of side effects for women who chose to use them. In the case of Merck’s new drug for treating thinning hair and hair loss, it has been determined that women may not even touch the pills since the drug’s active ingredient Finasteride causes birth defects. Another hair regrowth treatment currently on the market, Upjohn’s Rogaine, has also been known to increase facial hair growth on women who are simply looking to thicken and increase the hair on their scalp. “In my experience, women who suffer from thinning hair or hair loss can be very self-conscious of their appearance – even more so than men,” commented Dr. Lewenberg. “We are thrilled that with Dr. Lewenberg Formula, women can finally turn to a safe and effective means for strengthening, thickening, and regrowing their hair without any side-effects.”

Women may also find this treatment ideal because, unlike other treatments on the market, with Dr. Lewenberg Formula there are no creams or oils to rub in the scalp, and it does not leave any noticeable residue or scent that may cause embarrassment. The treatment of 2% Minoxidil with 0.025% Tretinoin (Retin-A) is prepared as an odorless hair spray formulation that is sprayed onto a women’s head where it is perfectly absorbed through her hair into her scalp. No one can see it or smell it. Women can simply spray their trouble areas a couple times throughout the day just as they would other, non-medicated hair sprays.

Dr. Lewenberg, who has been treating hair loss problems for more than 20 years, was one of the early pioneers to use minoxidil, one of only two drugs approved for use in growing hair. However, results with minoxidil alone were most often disappointing, he said, and he began experiments to find a more effective treatment. He discovered that a combination of minoxidil and tretinoin (commonly known as Retin-A) formulated as a hair spray, showed the best results.Over the past several years, Dr. Lewenberg gradually improved his method to the point where it not only produces the high success rates reported in the Advances in Therapy study, but it also permits easy maintenance, allowing patients to keep their new hair permanently. Dr. Lewenberg adopted a four-dose-per-day regimen when he noticed that increases in the amount and frequency of dosing improved the effectiveness of the treatment without negative side effects. Dr. Lewenberg, believes a key factor contributing to the high rate of success of his treatment is that his compound is uniquely formulated as hair spray. “As a spray, it is extremely easy to use, it is very safe, it does not have any hormonal side effects, and it is non-irritating, which means it can be applied more frequently,” he added.

The study indicates that after one and a half to two years on the four-dose-per-day regimen, a single daily dose of the formula proved to maintain hair regrowth in over 90% of the patients and that even this dose could be discontinued for one or two months each year.

“Even some women who have tried other medical treatments, sometimes for years without success, began regrowing normal hair within months of switching to our regimen,” Dr. Lewenberg noted. This included elderly woman and patients with a long history of hair loss.