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A New and Significant Improvement for the Treatment of Hairloss is Reported by Dr. Adam Lewenberg of New York City.

The Florida Newspaper

Twenty-one years ago, Dr. Lewenberg developed a combination of 2% minoxidil and .025% tretinoin, which is presently sold worldwide under the name Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula. Thousands of patients from the United States and all over the world have been able to regrow their hair. Recently, Dr. Lewenberg developed the first solution of minoxidil and tretinoin without propylene glycol, an ingredient necessary for most minoxidil solutions. In patients with sensitive skin, propylene glycol can increase sensitivity of the scalp, increasing the chances of irritation. This irritation prevents growth of new hair.

Moreover, some patients have or will develop an allergy to propylene glycol. This new formula developed by Dr. Lewenberg allows patients with sensitive skin, or even an allergy to propylene glycol to grow normal hair. Furthermore, because Dr. Lewenberg’s Sensitive Formula is milder than the original formula, it is virtually risk free, when used as directed. This improvement is additionally significant for women, as they tend to have more sensitive skin than men do.

Dr. Lewenberg also improved the Sensitive Formula and his Original Formula by adding a special blend of DHT-reducing herbal extracts. These work to reduce topical levels of DHT in the scalp only, without affect DHT levels in the body. This prevents the side effects that are seen with products, which reduce DHT levels through out the body.

Like the original Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula, Dr. Lewenberg’s Sensitive Formula allows men to regrow hair lost in the last fifteen years, and women to regrow hair lost for any length of time. Both formulas work for all types of hairloss and on all areas of the scalp, including the normally difficult to treat frontal hairline. The formulas are applied as convenient hair sprays 4 times daily. Patients see results in as little as three months, starting to regrow their hair and visibly improving the quality of their existing hair.

Those women, who have not lost their hair and are only looking to improve its volume and quality, can obtain these results in three to six months. It takes one to two years to completely regrow lost hair, depending on the patient’s age, extent of hairloss, and condition. Since both formulas allow patients to regrow normal healthy hair, maintenance is easy or even unnecessary. For those patients with chronic conditions like genetic baldness, they only need to apply the formula once daily to maintain their new hair.