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A Dramatically Improved Treatment for Thinning Hair and Baldness

A dramatically improved treatment for thinning hair and baldness in men and women was described in the medical journal Advances in Therapy. Initial growth of new hair was reported by 80 percent of more than 400 patients after a minimum of six months’ treatment by Dr. Adam Lewenberg, a New York physician. Among women, positive results have been reported by as many as 90 percent after six to twelve months of treatment. Moreover, thickening and strengthening of existing hair began in as little as two months. Treated patients use a spray of Upjohn’s Rogaine (minoxidil) and tretinoin with a vitamin and mineral supplement. The Rogaine-tretinoin formula has been proven four times more effective than minoxidil alone with virtually no side effects, according to Lewenberg, who cites studies conducted by the Upjohn Company and doctors at Tulane University. Rogaine is approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat baldness and thinning hair; tretinoin, or Retin-A, is approved as a skin cream. Because the FDA has not yet approved the combination formula, treatment must be medically prescribed, he added.