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Regrow thick, full, healthy hair and if needed, your eyebrows and/or beard also.

Hair loss treatment that works in 6 ways!

1. Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula repairs damaged and dying hair follicles and can even create new hair follicles by stimulating stem cells in the hair follicle and the living layers of the scalp.

2.  Regrow hair all over the scalp, including the frontal hair line (unlike other products on the market)

3. Grow hair faster, by increasing circulation to existing hairs and hair follicles

4. Increase the length and thickness of your existing hair and the new hair you grow

5. Grow your hair longer, by increasing the duration of the growth cycle of the hair.

6. Safely block DHT, the hormone associated with male and female pattern hair loss, and stops it from reaching your hair follicles. This is without the unwanted side effects of taking internal/oral medications/supplements.

Works for men, women and children

Regrow hair loss caused by:

1. Male and Female Pattern Baldness

2. Hormonal hair loss

3.  Genetic hair loss

4. Autoimmune conditions like Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Universalis or Lupus

5. Medication induced hair loss

6. Hair loss due to stress, anxiety, or depression

7. Hair loss due to cancer treatment


I can safely say that after 2 and a half months of using the Lewenberg Formula as directed, myself (and my friends) have noticed considerable regrowth


The results have been OUTSTANDING!!! The product not only stopped my hair from thinning but within approximately three-to-four months I began to regrow hair as well as improve the density and thickness of my existing hair. 


Frankly, I didn’t have much faith in your product in the beginning. With as much doubt as I had, I purchased your product anyway and started using it exactly according to your instructions. To my surprise, sheer amazement and delight, my hair stopped falling out within a month. And in just 3 short months, I saw my scalp filling out with new hair

Irena N.