Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What type of results should I expect in the beginning?

A. Results depend on how many times a day a patient applies the formula and how many sprays per application the patient uses. If the directions are followed, a patient should decrease their hair loss in less than two months. Within three months, the quality of their hair will improve, and the patient will even begin to grow new hair. These “baby hairs” will be thick and healthy, and will grow to full length.


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Q. How is the Improved Formula different from the Original Formula?

A. Dr. Lewenberg’s Improved Formula was designed to reduce the occurrence of irritation. Formulated with extra care and without Propylene Glycol, this new hair loss formula has been used to treat many patients who were unable to tolerate other solutions with Minoxidil, or who have skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis. The New Formula contains 2% Minoxidil and 0.025% Tretinoin and is just as effective as the original Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula and is applied in the same manner.

The  Improved Formula also contains a proprietary blend of natural herbal extracts to further reduce levels of DHT. While the New Formula is more potent in suppressing DHT, the effects are limited to the scalp, or wherever the formula is applied. Therefore, it will not cause the side effects seen in people taking Propecia.


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Q. Why do I have to apply the formula four times per day?

A. Dr. Lewenberg found that patients have the best results when using the formula four times per day with five hours in between. This allows for continuous absorption.

If patients apply the formula less frequently they will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Both of Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas are applied as a convenient hair spray so that the application takes only 10 seconds and absorbed quickly.


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Q. Can I use it less often than 4 times a day and still get good results?

A.Yes you can. Dr. Lewenberg’s patients who use the formula only two or three times per day do benefit as their existing hair becomes thicker and fuller. They will also regrow their hair, but it will take longer. For the best and quickest results, Dr. Lewenberg suggests using his formulas 4 times a day.


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Q. Should I use more sprays, if I apply the formula less frequently?

A. Yes, but you should only use up to twelve sprays per application as to avoid any irritation. It is best to start with 8 or 10 sprays per application, and then increase the dose.


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Q. If I still have hair, should I spread my hair to increase absorption?

A. No. Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas are formulated to be absorbed easily and quickly. Therefore, all one has to do is spray the formula on clean, dry hair. The absorption rate is best when it is just sprayed and not messaged or rubbed into the scalp. Moreover, rubbing the formula into the scalp increases the risk of irritation. Applying the formula from a distance of 8 or more inches from the scalp allows some of the alcohol to evaporate, leaving a more condensed formula, which is less likely to dry out the scalp.


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Q. I have to undergo Chemotherapy and I’m afraid to lose my hair.

A. Results of Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas on chemotherapy patients are excellent. Patients can use either of Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas before their cancer treatment to strengthen their hair. They can also use the Formula after treatment to regrow their hair that is lost and between treatments to speed the regrowth of hair and strengthen the hair to prevent hair loss. A patient cannot use Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula during chemotherapy because increased circulation to the follicles can be harmful. Please call or email Dr. Lewenberg to tailor the program to your needs.


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Can I use this on African-American hair?

A.Yes. Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas work on all people regardless of race. They rejuvenate the skin and repair the damage to the hair follicles. The hair that you will grow is stronger and healthier; preventing hair from breaking and frizzing in the future.


Q. I lost my hair after using a chemical relaxer. Will the Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas still work for me?

A. Certainly. In fact, your condition is easier to treat than genetic balding because it is not a recurring problem. After just a few months of using one of Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas, the damaged hair follicles will be repaired, allowing you to grow strong, healthy hair.


The treatment is very effective and patients can regrow strong beautiful hair. Dr. Lewenberg has many positive articles in African-American journals with reprints are available upon request.


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Q. I had a hair transplant years ago and started to lose hair from it, will Dr. Lewenberg’s treatment work for me?

A. Using one of Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas, a patient can easily and quickly improve their existing hair transplants, even older ones, where the surrounding hair has thinned or fallen out. Patients can make the hair transplant much more effective by thickening the hair around the transplant allowing for a more natural look. They can also improve their existing hair by rejuvenating the scalp. In terms of future transplants, using Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas will improve patient’s existing hair allowing for healthier donor hair and in turn a better transplant.


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Q. Can Dr. Lewenberg’s treatment grow hair over a scar?

A. It is impossible to grow hair over scars because the skin is too damaged. However, Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas can strengthen, thicken and grow more hair around the scar, allowing the patient to camouflage the scar so it will become less visible.


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Q. Does the treatment cause any sexual side-effects?

A. No. Unlike other hair loss treatments, Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas do not have any sexual side effects and is safe for both men and women.


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Q. What is the difference between Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas and Rogaine?

A. By combining Minoxidil and Tretinoin, Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas are able to grow normally strong hair, which is not possible to achieve with Rogaine alone or even when a patient uses Rogaine and Propecia. We also grow hair in the frontal hairline, where Rogaine is ineffective, and 90% of our patients improve within 3 months. Additionally, since patients grow only natural strong healthy hair, they will safely and inexpensively maintain it.

Dr. Lewenberg’s New Formula also contains herbal extracts, not found in Rogaine, which reduce levels of DHT, supplementing the effect of tretinoin. Dr. Lewenberg’s New Formula also is formulated without propyl glycol, a solvent of minoxidil, which can cause irritation.


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Q. I use Rogaine and have seen moderate results. Why should I think that Dr. Lewenberg’s treatment will be any better?

A. If you can see results with Rogaine (minoxidil) alone, the results you will see with Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas will be much better. Unlike the hair you might have grown with Rogaine alone, the hair that patients grow with Dr. Lewenberg’s formulas is strong and healthy and grows to full length. Also, patients can regrow the hair they’ve lost including that of the frontal hairline.


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Q. I have been using Rogaine and have not gotten any results, why should I think that your treatment will be any better?

A. It is the exact combination in Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas that allow them to work so well, in patients who have not seen results with other treatments.

Many of the most successful patients using Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula are those who have previously experienced disappointing results with Rogaine. Rogaine alone is not readily absorbed into the scalp which produces thin wispy hair that does not grow to a usable length. The Tretinoin in Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas not only triples the absorption of Minoxidil, but it also suppresses DHT and even repairs damage to hair follicles.

Fortunately, by tripling the absorption of Minoxidil, the Tretinoin in Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula is effective all over the scalp, especially in the frontal hairline where the skin is thickest. Because the Tretinoin stimulates adult stem cells in the scalp to repair damage to hair follicles, patients can regrow hair where they have experienced hair loss for 5, 10, or even 15 years!


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Q. Will I need to stay on Dr. Lewenberg’s treatment for my whole life, was with other treatments?

A. Not all conditions require maintenance. For example, if your hair loss occurred only as a result of medication, illness, temporary chemical damage, or pregnancy, no maintenance is required. However, the most common cause of hair loss is genetic. Male and female pattern baldness runs in families and gets progressively worse over time. Fortunately, using one of Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas will allow you to grow normal healthy hair, which is very difficult to lose. As long as you wish to maintain it, you will be on our maintenance program. Maintenance is quite easy. Once a patient enters that phase, the frequency of application will decrease to once per day. Patients can even discontinue treatment for a few weeks.


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Q. What exactly does Tretinoin do to help hair growth?

A. Tretinoin repairs and rejuvenates damaged follicles by stimulating existing stem cells in the scalp, enabling Dr. Lewenberg’s patients to grow strong, normal hair and to improve the quality of their hair. This makes for an easy maintenance program, because the strong hair patients grow can last months without formula application. Tretinoin triples the absorption of Minoxidil. Tretinoin also reduces the amount of and effects of DHT and other androgens on hair follicles.


For more information, please click HERE.


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Q. I have heard that minoxidil causes heart problems, will I experience any heart problems with your treatment for hair loss?

A. Minoxidil in tablet form caused a faster heartbeat in many subjects. Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas have no such side effects, as they are not taken internally. Applied properly, without any rubbing, scalp massaging, or spreading of hair, Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas are very safe. It contains only 2% Minoxidil, which is does not cause heart complications. Higher concentrations of Minoxidil combined with Tretinoin, such as 5% or particularly 12% can cause heart problems.


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Q. Why does Dr. Lewenberg use 2% minoxidil instead of a higher concentration?

A. Through years of research and working with patients, Dr. Lewenberg found that 2% Minoxidil allowed for excellent results, while minimizing the risk of irritation. As Tretinoin triples the absorption of Minoxidil, the 2% in Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas has the effect of 6%. There is no need to use any more. Increasing the amount of Minoxidil or Tretinoin increases the risk of irritation, which can prevent hair growth. Combining a higher dose such as 5 %, or worse, 12% Minoxidil with Tretinoin can cause heart complications. No such hazard has been found in using 2% Minoxidil. If you seek better results, simply increase the number of sprays per application.


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Q. Why do some doctors tell their patients to use a dropper instead of a hair spray?

A. Unable to create stable solutions, which are properly absorbed, other doctors resort to having patients apply their solutions directly to the scalp with a dropper. Others go further, asking patients to rub their solutions into their scalp. This can lead to irritation, which is not only unpleasant but can prevent hair growth. To make irritation less visible, some doctors include anti-inflammatory steroids, like cortisone, which are not safe for long term use.

Because Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas are applied as a spray, the risk of irritation is dramatically reduced.


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Q. Can I use Dr. Lewenberg’s treatment and then combine it with other hair loss treatments?

A. No. Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas are the most effective hair loss treatment on the market, there is no need to combine other treatments. Patients will not benefit from using other treatments in combination with it. Combining Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas with other topical solutions can even cause irritation, which can lead to hair loss.


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Q. Can’t I just get Tretinoin at a Pharmacy?

A. Because Dr. Lewenberg is a pioneer in the medical treatment of hair loss with thousands of successful patients, his work has been cited around the world. Many online pharmacies quote Dr. Lewenberg’s published research to sell Tretinoin. We are not responsible for any solution they cook up. They may have a right to cite Dr. Lewenberg’s research, but they are doing so in a misleading manner to sell Tretinoin creams and lotion alone. Tretinoin by itself does not cause hair growth and anyone trying to create this impression is misleading buyers. Also, Applying Tretinoin Cream and then using plain Minoxidil does not provide the same results as will not be absorbed properly and will lead to irritation. The only way to get the results of Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas is to purchase one.


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Q. Dr Lewenberg’s Review on Baldingblog

A. Dr. William Rassman of is not an unbiased observer. As the owner of the New Hair Institute and a hair transplant surgeon, he has a financial interest in attacking any successful product. He is obviously afraid that patient will forgo multiple $10,000 transplant procedures, when they can regrow their hair for $600-2800.


It is unethical to criticize a medical treatment without knowing how it works and Dr. Rassman ignores all the independent research as well as that published by Dr. Lewenberg on how Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula works.  Dr. Rassman claims that “Retin-A produces irritation of the skin, a sort of light burn which is thought to increases the circulation as the body tries to repair the burn. As a result, it is theorized that blood supply to the scalp increases and any medications such as minoxidil (which is in Lewenberg’s formula) gets better absorbed.”


This is the exact opposite of how Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula works. Irritation is unwanted and we work with patients to prevent it and remedy it if patients do experience irritation. We caution our patients to apply correctly to prevent this feeling of a burn. The formulation and application of Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas are designed to minimize the risk of irritation, and we follow up with patients to make sure that they are not experiencing irritation. A person just needs to read our website or look at our instructions to see this. The last thing Dr. Lewenberg wants is for there to be increased blood flow and irritation as this could cause minoxidil to enter the blood stream. Moreover, Dr. Rassman should be fully aware that increased blood flow is not how Minoxidil works, assuming that he has read the last two decades of research.


Dr. Rassman claims that Dr. Lewenberg uses Tretinoin to create a burn are ridiculous. Had he wanted to cause this, Dr. Lewenberg would have used a non-prescription ingredient, one that he could more easily and cheaply sell. It is easier and cheaper than using a prescription medication like Tretinoin, but it is also far less effective.


Tretinoin is used to increase absorption of Minoxidil only into the living layers of the skin, where the hair follicles are. Increasing the absorption of minoxidil is only one reason why Dr. Lewenberg included Tretinoin. Although the underlying mechanism was not known 25 years ago when Dr. Lewenberg began treating hair loss, Tretinoin in the form of Retin-A was prescribed by doctors, including Dr. Lewenberg, to repair damage to the skin. Far from being used to cause burns, Tretinoin is used to minimize the appearance of burns and repair the surrounding skin. 


In the 1980s, Dr. Lewenberg theorized that rejuvenating the scalp would improve the results of Minoxidil. Since then scientists have come to understand how Tretinoin repairs the skin and micro-organelles, such as the hair follicle, within the skin.  In the 1980’s Tretinoin’s effect of increasing cell turnover was well known. In the 1990’s the direct effect of Tretinoin on stem cells and the ability of these stem cells to repair tissue was established at the University of Pennsylvania. The final benefits of Tretinoin, reducing the production of and effects of DHT were likewise established in the 1990s.


It is unfortunate that Dr. Rassman saw fit to publish a blog post on Dr. Lewenberg’s Formulas without doing any basic research on the formulas and making unfounded assumptions on their use.  It is also unfortunate that Rassman chooses to attack us when Dr. Lewenberg works with so many patients and specialists to improve the results of hair transplants.


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